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Trap dirt and moisture at the door! No matter the size or shape of your business entry, keep interior floor coverings protected with a custom-fit entrance mat.


Commercial Entrance Mats

Not all mats are created equal. Commercial entrance mats are specifically designed and manufactured to not only reduce external debris from entering a building, but also reduce risk of harm. Regular mats simply laid over flooring can create tripping hazards, impede the movement of wheeled transport, and be difficult to keep clean.

Spectrum Floors offers a range of permanently fixed entrance mat options which sit flush with surrounding floor coverings. This provides a safer, cleaner environment to protect employees, customers and interior work spaces.

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Benefits of Commercial Entrance Mats

  • Traps dirt and moisture
  • Protects internal floor coverings
  • Reduces tripping hazards and slips
  • Reduces dust levels and cleaning costs
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Up to a 20 YEAR WARRANTY


Entrance Matting Range

  • Boardwalk-feature


    10 year warranty
    Easily shaped and fitted on site
    Ease of maintenance


  • excellence


    7 year warranty
    Easy to clean
    Probably the best

  • NuGuard Duo Spectrum


    20 year warranty
    Genuine double sided
    Engineered Flooring System

  • nuway-feature


    20 year warranty
    Genuine double sided
    Engineered Flooring System



  • 3012

    Portal Plus

    5 year warranty
    Saves in cleaning costs
    Reduces dust levels

Ask our consultants today about the assorted qualities and price points of our commercial entrance mats.

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