How to select the right entrance matting for a building

When designing a building the entrance matting forms an important part in achieving a well-functioning and sustainable environment. New flooring in commercial buildings will keep their fresh look for longer if dirt and moisture are trapped at the entrance. The right matting system can trap up to 70% of dirt before it is carried into the building!

At Spectrum Floors we offer entrance matting systems that work effectively to protect the commercial flooring in buildings. We recommend a 2-systems approach for optimal results consisting of a primary and a secondary matting system.

The primary matting system is provided by either our premium Nuway product or the budget primary matting Nuwave.

The secondary matting system is provided by our primary product Excellence and alternatively PortalPlus (made from 100% recycled nylon).

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What are the key benefits of a primary and secondary matting systems?

Spectrum’s primary matting system used right at the entrance of a building is important to:

  • Act as first line of defence against ingress of dirt
  • Provides a barrier against soil and moisture
  • Retains wet and dry debris at the point of entry.

Spectrum’s secondary matting system used further inside the building helps to scrape off the remaining dirt and moisture especially in busy traffic environments.

Common issues with standard matting can include:

  • too narrow matting that doesn’t capture people’s steps
  • single matting that is not effective enough to trap dirt and moisture
  • inferior quality products that are not effective.

So, selecting a 2-phase system is the most effective and sustainable approach for your next building project and we have premium and budget solutions to suit a range of project requirements.