Sustainability is important to Spectrum Floors

That’s why we’ve searched the world for low-maintenance, environmentally friendly flooring solutions for commercial and residential buildings that are GECA Certified, Greenguard and Blue Angel rated.

Some years ago, this quest saw us introduce the Italian made Artigo Rubber Flooring range to our product lineup. We were drawn to the Artigo collection’s exceptional aesthetic variety and their continuous quest for innovation.

Artigo offers a true design culture, characterised by a wide variety of types, unique solutions and the highest degree of customisation. The continuous technological research of Artigo is the expression of a culture that reflects the constant attention that the company devotes to the evolution of architecture and design. Artigo produces a continuously growing collection, in which the design research aims to create new proposals that will enable architects and designers to interpret the rubber flooring with great originality.

Spectrum Contract Rubber Flooring is widely used in healthcare, such as treatment rooms, wards and corridors; education facilities, such as laboratories, home economics and technical study areas; and commercial buildings, such as break out areas and cafeterias.

It’s Certified!

Spectrum Contract Rubber Flooring is safe for the environment at every stage of its life, from production to storage, from initial installation to use and to eventual disposal.

The manufacturer scrutinises each step of the production cycle to minimise resource waste & eliminate toxic gases.

Products meet or exceed ISO, EN and other international standards for integrity in production and products.


  • Eco friendly
  • GECA certified
  • Durable
  • Sound absorbent, and
  • Flexible and resilient

Spectrum’s Contract Rubber Flooring comes in a wide range of styles, patterns and colours, is easy to maintain, is GECA Certified, Greenguard and Blue Angel rated.