Hospital surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Grain.

Just north of Milan, San Gerardo in the city of Monza is more than a Hospital: it is an institution.

Founded in 1174 as a shelter for the poor, it has since represented a beacon of care and excellency for a densely-populated area. Today it also hosts the faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan.

The new Building

A new architectural body has been added recently to the facility: named the Palazzina Accoglienza (Welcoming Building), is a 4-floor unit housing 83 outpatient clinics. Featuring also a 350-seat conference hall and a shopping center, the Palazzina is meant to be the watershed between the day-hospital activities and the long-term facilities.

Artigo Rubber Flooring

The flooring for the new Palazzina comes from the Artigo Grain collection, in a rich palette of 10 colors. Over 25.000 sqm of Artigo tiles and rolls were used, as well as 14.000 sqm of wall coverings.