Silver Knight®, a unique range of Spectrum’s vinyl flooring and wall products, eliminates over 99% of viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.

Creating a hygienic environment

Independent laboratory tests made to the ISO 21702 and ISO 27447 standards prove that the Silver Knight® surface destroys 99.99% of human CORONA VIRUS types as well as MRSA, VRE and ESBL bacteria.

Silver Knight® is much more than a common floor covering since this is the first photocatalytic self-disinfecting surface that is a perfect choice for any field of application in health. With the use of Silver Knight®, you can create the most hygienic environment, even in high-risk infection areas including hospitals caring for Corona Virus patients.

Main properties of the bacteria resistant vinyl flooring and wall covering:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Minimal residual indentation
  • Extremely good stain-and chemical resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Antibacterial and fungicidal
  • Low VOC and improved indoor air quality

Spectrum Floors’ vinyl floor coverings are premium, environmentally friendly products sourced from Europe. The vinyl products are perfect for high traffic commercial installations such as healthcare, education, hospitality, offices and retail.


These products come with 15 Year warranty.

Product Types

Spectrum’s premium vinyl products with Silver Knight® surfaces are available as

  • 2 mm Contract Vinyl
  • 3.2 mm Cushioned Vinyl
  • 1.5 mm Wall Cladding

Silver Knight® is a registered trademark of Graboplast