Why are stair nosings, trims and aisle lights important?

Slip resistant, secure finishes are very important elements for buildings in the education sector, where mainly young people frequently use indoor stairways, steps and outside entrances and exits. Especially for projects in schools, universities, libraries and sports facilities, the right stair nosings and trims deliver the security you need to manage heavy use.

Spectrum Floors’ stair nosings are used to define the edge of steps by inserting a coloured, slip resistant insert which is tested to the Australian Standards and Light Reflectance Values. Our trims conform to Australian slip resistance standards and are LRV rated. Our anti-slip aluminium extrusions have been designed with fine ripple trim finishes to ensure excellent slip resistance.

The next time you climb the stairs in a commercial building, such as a university, shopping centre or airport, look down. Chances are you’ll be kept safe on the stairs by one of Spectrum Floors’ wide range of stair nosings and trims.

Spectrum Floors’ stair nosings and trims are important finishes for steps and stairways. Steps & aisle lighting is important for buildings requiring extra safety for stairways and aisles when lights are dimmed.

Spectrum has worked with many Australian universities and schools. In this short video we showcase projects in the education sector and the stair nosings, trims and lighting as the secure finishes in these public buildings.

Spectrum Floors offer a wide variety of products, and different styles of inserts can be provided to suit various applications. Our stair nosings are suitable for surfaces with carpets, concrete, timber, tiles or vinyl.

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