Rubber Flooring

Spectrum Floors are your specialist providers of premium flooring solutions for the Education Sector. Our rubber flooring range has a range of benefits perfect for use in the Eductation Sector which include;

  • Eco-friendly properties, certified by GECA
  • Maximising indoor air quality with extremely low VOC off gassing
  • Anti-Fatigue cushioning, reducing strain on joints and muscles
  • Great insulation properties of both of temperature and sound, resulting in a quieter and more efficient environment
  • Rubber flooring is Hygienic and Safe, with excellent cleaning and traction properties.
  • Long Term Economy due to its longevity and durability, leading to a long life cycle with low maintenance
  • All our Rubber Flooring products meet or exceed Australian standards.

Vinyl Flooring

Available in earthy patterns and inspired by nature, our vinyl flooring collection offers timber, stone, marble and natural textured looks.

Spectrum Silence – The Acoustic floor coverings are recommended for institutions where impact sound reduction and foot-comfort are also of high importance in addition to the durability.

The wide assortment of the Spectrum Acoustic product family can guarantee for anybody to find the proper solution in the given field of application.

  • Phthalate free technology
  • 100% recycable
  • no waste product
  • no harmful materials
  • no wax

Spectrum Entrance Matting

Reduce wear & tear and cleaning costs with Spectrum’s range of heavy duty efficient matting products proven over many years. Designed to perform in concentrated traffic entry areas.

Spectrum’s entrance matting range includes:

Spectrum Nuway
Made in Australia since 1982, double sided, modular system with a 20-year warranty available in 17 and 12mm.

Spectrum Nuwave
Made in Australia, heavy duty in a range of colours with a 10-year warranty using Excellence inserts – 12mm

Spectrum Boardwalk
A unique rubber based modular system – 12mm and easily shaped on site when required.

Spectrum Excellence
Beautiful and colourful, 2m wide roll product, efficient, heavy duty rating. 7-year warranty. Product also used in Nuwave.

Spectrum Portal Plus
2m roll product with a carpet like appearance, economical and 5-year warranty also in a range of colours.

Spectrum Sports Flooring

Spectrum Floors is a leading supplier of sporting floors who can service small community facilities, schools, gymnasiums up to large International arenas.

Mondoflex II is a point-elastic sports flooring with shock absorption values above 25% (Category P1 according to regulation EN14904). The flooring comprises two layers of natural and synthetic rubber that are joined in the production phase to a supporting underlayer of elastic foam. Pre-fabrication guarantees that the product is uniform when installed and ensures a constant biomechanical response across the entire surface. An optimal grip supports fast, dynamic movement. Uniform energy absorption helps athletes make powerful, explosive moves.

Spectrum Stair Nosing


With the increased use of vertical schools, safety with premium design is well worth detailed consideration.

Importantly Australian Standard requirements are called up in the “Building Code of Australia”, importantly the dimensions of treads and risers and fire rating are important along with the anti-slip resistance and definition of step edge definition using measured ‘light reflective values’.

Spectrum have available the widest range covering both internal and external products in a wide colour and profile range backed by a 10 year warranty.

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