To showcase the quality and design potential of rubber flooring, we have shared with you below some information and images from an inspiring project, the Playland park in Ingolstadt, Germany. We hope you enjoy learning about this project.



The most modern indoor games park in Bavaria offers more than 3500 sqm of action and fun. The central area of the complex, dedicated to dining, is where Artigo’s contribution focused with more than 600 sqm of rubber flooring.

SPECTRUM rubber flooring ensures resilience, durability and care-free cleaning. SPECTRUM rubber is also certified GECA (AU), Greenguard Gold (USA) and Blue Angel (Germany): as a floor designed for indoor environments, it meets the strictest chemical emissions limits for indoor air quality, contributing to the creation of healthier buildings and better interiors.

The Playland park adheres to a very strict safety protocol, being part of the German VDH network and compliant to DIN 1176 security norms. Above and below: the great circles that define the sofa areas and the round edges fit perfectly into the soft, playful aesthetics of the complex.