Sustainable flooring that’s hard to beat.

At Spectrum Floors we are dedicated to sourcing quality sustainable flooring products that are eco-friendly.

When a design brief is based on an ethos centred on sustainability, Spectrum Rubber flooring is hard to beat. Our products are manufactured with high-quality post-consumer and pre-consumer materials. Rubber itself is ultimately derived from the latex sap that is harvested from rubber tree plantations.

For this reason, rubber floors are often used in 5-star (Australian excellence) and 6-star (World leadership) Green Star office interiors. Green Star ratings are issued by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

Why is rubber a sustainable floor covering

Rubber has been used as resilient flooring since the 1880.

Unlike other flooring products such as vinyl, rubber floors hold considerable commercial value at the end of its lifespan and will likely be recycled over and over again rather than consigned to landfill.

Why rubber over other resilient finishes?

Acoustic Insulation

Rubber has excellent sound absorption properties which can be further improved by using the X-Lastic Product. The sound insulation of 2mm rubber is 2.5 times that of 2mm homogenous vinyl.

Anti-bacterial and hygienic

Rubber is impermeable, and because of the sulphur in the vulcanizing process and zinc, prohibits bacterial growth. (Sulphur and zinc have been recognised as antibacterial substances for 2000 years).


Rubber is considered naturally anti-static as it is not plastic; conductive formulations are available on request.

Chemical resistant

Rubber flooring is resistant to all substances commonly handled using rubber gloves, even iodine stains can be removed from the floor.


Considering that rubber flooring, like vinyl, is available in rolls 1.9m wide, is fully weldable (although this is not generally required) and is 2mm thick, it offers superior value because the flooring requires no coating, sealing or other expensive maintenance.

Durability and water resistance

The durability and resilience and totally impervious nature of rubber is renowned (as demonstrated by car tyres) and is eminently suitable in high traffic areas.

Environmental issues / Life cycle assessment

Spectrum Rubber Flooring has no formaldehyde, extremely low emissions, no plasticisers (carcogenic, a more unstable component) or heavy metals (persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals). Spectrum Rubber is also Green Star rated for office interiors, education, multi residential and healthcare.

Slip resistance

Spectrum Rubber has excellent slip resistant properties and provides a comfortable and sure underfoot feeling for students, mobility impaired people, as well as staff.

Rubber harvesting in Vietnam

Fire safety

Fire tests comparing PVC flooring with rubber show rubber takes two to three times the temperature and time to ignite. When rubber does burn, there are only trace elements of toxic gases. In contrast, PVC consists of one tenth Hydrogen Chloride (HCI) and one fifth Sulphur Dioxide. (Source: Comparative Test on Mondo Rubber and PVC by CSIRO Building Construction and Engineering, Australia 2002). Spectrum Rubber passes the most stringent requirements of the building code of Australia. (Clause Cl.lO).

Greater Flexibility

Rubber is extremely flexible and won’t crack when coved or bent to European standards.

Potential harmful gases released at room temperature

All surfaces release gases into the air (VOC’s). Measurement of these gases shows rubber to release one of the lowest concentrations. It is in the same bracket as bricks and mortar and certified by the US ‘Greenguard’ Environmental Institute for indoor air quality. Further, no odours are emitted compared to other resilient floor coverings which emit formaldehydes.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Rubber flooring is considered to be one of the easiest floor finishes to maintain. It requires no stripping, waxing sealing or polishing. The material is washed with a neutral or mild alkaline detergent and/or disinfectant. Hence, rubber flooring offers the benefit of a low maintenance, low cost floor covering with substantially reduced ecological impact.

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