Since 1948 Mondo has gained a solid reputation for innovative solutions in elite sports.

Committed to ongoing research and development, Mondo’s indoor and exterior products are characterised by advanced research collaborating with research institutes, universities, sports coaches and athletes around the world.

Mondo maintains strict controls on using high quality raw materials which have been certified to be environmentally friendly at all stages of their products’ life cycle.

Key benefits

Powerplay is ideal for indoor multiple sports training areas for training and competitions, recreational facilities and schools. It is an ideal choice for intensive use over extended hours of practice when installed with Everlay Protection or Everlay High Protection to ensure shock absorption.

Health and safety

Powerplay is a smooth, non-slip product comprised of anti-glare rubber. Mondo strives to eliminate or substantially reduce the use of chemicals in the manufacture of this product.

Rubber ensures a quality, environmentally friendly product

Rubber provides an ideal surface because it is durable under intensive use, it has no welding points that can tear easily, performs well in all temperatures and ensures ease of maintenance over many years.

A life cycle analysis has shown Mondoflex has 19% less impact on the environment than similar PVC. Mondo products are safe for the environment at every stage of its life, from production to storage, though to installation and long life and eventual disposal as a valuable recycled rubber product.