Super X Performance was the world’s first prefabricated vulcanized rubber track and continues to offer unrivalled performance. It has been used in Olympic Stadiums (track and field) from Montreal to Tokyo and holds more world records than any other surface.

Over 30 years of experience has resulted in a surface which combines comfort, enhanced performance, safety and durability for both school and recreational use.

A controlled production process ensures Sportflex Super X’s two layers are vulcanized together to create a uniform, continuous, joint-free product. The resulting molecular bond prevents the layers separating, unlike other systems which are produced on site.

The top rubber layer guarantees elasticity and resistance to spikes, while its anti-reflective embossing provides grip, traction and good drainage. The bottom layer has a geometric structure of four-sided air cells that are deformable in two dimensions to provide shock absorption and energy return. This structure is laid out in the running direction to provide a differentiated biomechanical response to the pressure produced by the athlete.

Environmentally friendly

In line with Mondo’s commitment to a sustainable environment, Sportflex Super X is made using 37% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial materials, along with up to 6% rapidly renewable materials.