Silver Knight technology means reduced cleaning requirements

No waxing is required for these floors and there is a reduced need for cleaning agents. The Silver Knight technology built into the surface eliminates harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals.

No harmful materials

Spectrum Diamond Tech flooring uses eco-friendly formulations with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) to ensure they don’t adversely affect indoor air quality. In fact, the biologically inert plasticiser used in manufacture ensure this flooring can be used in sensitive areas such as rooms for children and medical devices.

This flooring is also free of metals and solvents, ensuring reduced environmental pollution.

100% recyclable

These flooring can be fully recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Extremely durable

The TECH Surface Technology of this product ensures the surface is not only highly resilient and hard wearing, it is also flexible, allowing for easier installation. The surface resists stains and chemicals and is abrasion resistant.