Floorcare, adhesives and screeds specifications

We stock a broad range of commercial floors installation and maintenance products.

From sub-floor preparation to sealers, adhesives to screeds, our focus is on quality products to ensure optimum results.

Listed below are extensive product specification and data sheets with advice on everything from product composition and ingredients to fire-fighting measures.

Best of all, we’re on hand to offer specialist advice specific to your installation and maintenance needs. Give us a call or drop us a message if we can assist in any way.

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WK 222
KE 66
KR 421
KR 430
KE 2000S

Floor Care

PU Sealer Range
Clean & Strip Care
Elatex Stain Remover
Floor Cleaner R 1000
PU Sealer Matt
Active Cleaner R280
Secura Matt Hard Sealer
Ultra Hard Shine Sealer


NC 160
NC 170
NC 182
NC 888


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