Entrance matting

Architectural entrance matting

Designed to trap dirt and moisture effectively, our range of options include Australian made anodised aluminium and PVC inserts. Custom shapes and sizes made to order if required.

Entrance mats will increase the life of your floor and reduce cleaning costs. Daily pedestrian traffic will inevitably result in dirt marks floor stains. This increases cleaning and maintenance costs and causes wear and damage that increase maintenance costs. The risk of pedestrian safety issues which can lead to building-owner liability is another risk that must be managed.

Our aluminium non slip entry mats consist of extruded aluminium tread rails that carry factory installed infill. We can provide abrasive infill mats for slip resistance, as well as carpeted and vinyl mats for improved dirt control.
Built to withstand tough treatment as well as looking stylish, our commercial entrance mats can be matched to complement surrounding decor and construction materials. They are ideal for doorways, passageways and foyers in any commercial and public building.

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Real-world installations

Our work can be seen across Australia. The next time you enter a commercial building, university or shopping centre, look down. Chances are you’ll be standing on one of our many and varied entrance mats.

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Commercial and retail