The Recoil™ Kneepad is a uniquely designed product.

Spectrum Floors now offer this game changing pair of kneepads suitable for any flooring work in the professional trades and construction industry.

Recoil Kneepads with springs

Scientifically proven to reduce
knee pressure by 76%

Recoil patented spring system design

The technology is based upon the idea of a car suspension system; aiming at reducing kneeling pressure, easing movement and increasing user comfort.

Watch this video to see the Recoil Kneepads in action:

The 6-spring suspension system makes this kneepad design unique and differentiates the product from other knee pad brands. The Recoil360™ Technology absorbs initial kneeling impact when your knee hits the ground. With 6 points of contact between your knee and the ground the spring system will then ensure the pressure on your knee is more evenly spread across the whole knee joint rather than being focused on one central point as you would experience if wearing no knee pads.

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“I’ve just completed a bigger job tiling around the veranda. Usually I’m just on my knees but I happened to find the Recoil knee pads online and they’ve done wonders. They helped enormously to be on my knees for the whole day without any problems to get the job done.”

John, Home builder, Adelaide