We focus on the highest standards

Spectrum constantly searches the world for innovations and superior quality in flooring products. Our commitment is to offer the highest standards of commercial flooring with a clear focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Our range is substantial, meeting the needs of a broad range of commercial requirements including education to healthcare, sports flooring to public spaces, industrial to retail requirements.

We are proud to represents many of the world’s leading commercial flooring brands including:

Artigo Rubber Flooring

Rubber floors are tough and resilient, capable of withstanding a high volume of foot traffic. Its natural cushioning effects reduces fatigue and the risk of injuries.

Artigo rubber flooring is low maintenance and resistant to moisture, stains, mould and mildew.

Best of all Artigo flooring is environmentally friendly with many world-class certifications, including being GECA certified.

Spectrum Floors is a preferred supplier of Artigo flooring.

We offer an extensive choice of colours, textures and patterns. We are committed to helping designers and installers every step of the way with advice and specifier information.

Gradus Stair Nosings, Floor Trims and Accessories

Gradus is the world’s market leader offering the widest choice of floor trims with products that offer enhanced safety, superior performance and great aesthetic appeal.

Multi-purpose trims

Spectrum Floors offers a comprehensive range of Multi-Purpose Trims which offers versatility with a wide selection of sizes to suit floorcoverings ranging from LVT to wood flooring

Cover Strips

The collection of cover and transition strips offered by Spectrum Floors are designed for joining floor coverings of a varying thickness and  are typically used at door thresholds where two floor coverings meet.

Stair nosings

The Spectrum range of skirting and cove formers ensure a neat, clean and safe solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall.

As preferred supplier of Gradus Trims, Spectrum are committed to helping designers and installers in every aspect of Gradus products, including recommendations on product selection.

Spectrum commercial vinyl flooring

Spectrum is a leading supplier of heavy duty commercial vinyl flooring. Their product range includes Silver Knight and solid acoustic vinyl flooring and a range of beautiful luxury modular tiles.

Produced to the highest standards of durability, stain and chemical resistance, our commercial vinyl flooring offer ease of maintenance. Our range includes products which feature unique ‘Silver Knight’ anti-bacterial surfaces. Our products are metal and solvent free, ensuring a reduced environmental impact compared to similar products.

Mondo Sports flooring

Spectrum Floors are proud to be preferred suppliers of a comprehensive range of Mondo indoor and outdoor sports flooring.

Indoor sports flooring product range

Mondoflex and Mondoflex II Sport Flooring

Ideal for indoor multiple sports training areas for training and competitions, recreational facilities and schools.

Mondo Sport Impact Flooring

The best surface for strength training exercises, capable of absorbing even the heaviest impact while ensuring safety and comfort.

Mondo Vinylsport Flooring

Offering exceptional value for money with a surface which is embossed, matt and non-slip.

Mondo Everlay Protection

A thick stabilising underlay composed of expanded PVC which has been reinforced with fibreglass.

Track and field exterior sports surfaces

Our product range covers both amateur and elite sports surfacing requirements:

Mondo Super X Performance

The world’s first prefabricated vulcanised rubber track which continues to offer comfort, safety and durability for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from Olympic and Commonwealth games ‘track and field events to both school and recreational use.

Mondo Sportflex M

Resistant to high traffic and frequent use< this synthetic rubber surface is primarily used for tracks, tennis courts and multi-functional settings.

Spectrum entrance flooring systems

Spectrum entrance flooring products are extra heavy-duty entrance systems with significant water absorbing capacity, offering a premium choice of colours for architectural entrance matting.

We have sourced our range of high-quality commercial grade products to ensure we offer sustainable solutions with excellent dirt and moisture absorbing properties which are anti-slip and noise dampening and meet international standards for fire safety.

We have built an enviable reputation with extensive use across Australia backed by written warranties to guarantee many years of durability.

Nuway entrance matting

Nuway entrance matting has been installed in a very wide variety of locations across Australia for over 35 years and offers extraordinary durability backed by a 20 year guarantee.

Versatile  and hard wearing,  Nuway is suitable  for all types of locations,  whether high or low volume traffic. Its many benefits include optimum dirt and moisture retention, reduced cleaning and maintenance costs and a modular format which makes it suitable for a most floorplans shapes and configurations. All frames are custom built to fit specific site requirements, with curved shapes available to special order. We can work from any provided template.

Nuway matwell frames are available in aluminium and are designed to anchor into sand and cement screeds for secure site installation. The frames are supplied in kit form for ease of transport, storage and on-site assembly.