Sportflex M is a synthetic rubber surface composed of two layers that are vulcanized together to create a single, seamless product.  It is designed to provide the best possible combination of slip resistance, rotational friction, comfort and safety, specifically formulated to minimise the risk of ankle and knee injuries among athletes.

A bottom layer is designed to maximise shock resistance and energy return, two fundamental characteristics needed for any sports activity.

Tough and multi-functional

Sportflex M is resistant to high traffic and frequent use in multi-functional settings and can withstand light traffic by athletes wearing spikes. While the bottom layer has a geometric

construction that’s deformable in two dimensions to ensure shock absorption, the anti-reflective top layer improves ball bounce and provides good drainage.

Easier cleaning

Easy to clean without compromising traction, Sportflex M also offers superior protection against extreme weather conditions. As a pre-manufactured product, portions of the material can be replaced as needed with flawless results.

Environmentally friendly

Sportflex M contains up to 43% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial materials, and 6% rapidly renewable materials—an example of Mondo’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Available in a range of colours

Rolls of 183 cm 10 – 25 m
12.5 kg/m2

Rolls of 183 cm 10 – 25 m
8.7 kg/m2

Rolls of 183 cm 10 – 15 m
10.5 kg/m2