New indoor rubber gym flooring that is environmentally responsible

Powerplay™ is designed to be an environmentally responsible sports flooring – a victory for the environment and for the health of the sports lovers who use the gym. Ensuring superior indoor air quality as tested by the USA Greenguard rating.

Powerplay™ contains more than 10% pre-consumer, contaminant-free, non-tyre recovered raw materials and is produced in MONDO’s Gallo d’Alba (Italy) plant that is powered by a photovoltaic system. In fact, none of the substances that are in the Powerplay™ formulation are included in the REACH list of substances of very high concern due to the hazard caused to humans and the environment. Like all MONDO vulcanised rubber floorings, also Powerplay™ has a compact, waterproof and non-porous structure: it does not absorb liquids, perspiration and dirt. Therefore, no moisture remains on the surface and dirt is easily removed: indeed bacteria find their main nourishment in dirt and this hinders them from proliferating.

Product Range

  • P1 – 3mm with Everlay underlay 4.7mm protection
  • P2 – 3mm with Everlay underlay 7.5mm protection

Colour Range