A 4,7 mm thick stabilising underlay for sport flooring systems, Everlay Protection is composed of expanded PVC which has been reinforced with fiberglass. It ensures enhanced stability, moisture resistance, high shock absorption and insulating properties.

Everlay significantly extends the product life of sports flooring.

The bottom layer is lightly textured with small embossed stems of expanded resins that improve the overall stability of the flooring system. It is specifically designed to be loose-laid over concrete while allowing protection against moisture from the subfloor.

Everlay Protection has excellent shock absorption for sports use to ensure higher safety levels.

Mondo Everlay Protection

Rolls 25 m x 2 m

1.9 kg/m2

Rolls 20 m x 2 m

2.9 kg/m2

Mondo Everlay A

Compatible with Mondoflex II and Mondoflex to provide moisture-proofing with minimum thickness (1.2 mm) .