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Spectrum Floors is a leading provider of premium commercial flooring solutions in Australia. With a rich history spanning over 40 years, Spectrum Floors has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality flooring products and services to a wide range of industry segments. We thrive in flooring solutions that focus on sustainability, endurance, versatility and aesthetics while still meeting distinct needs and functional demands of diverse projects.


In educational settings, the choice of flooring is critical for creating conducive learning environments. Spectrum Floors offers durable and low-maintenance flooring solutions ideal for schools, colleges, and universities such as Rubber 308 or Granito Acoustic. These products are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them a practical choice for educational institutions.


Research facilities require flooring that can endure rigorous demands. Spectrum Floors provides flooring options that are not only resilient but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for researchers. Options like Artigo BS studded flooring will be a perfect choice for a modern look yet professional and practical flooring.


For commercial spaces such as offices and corporate buildings, aesthetics and functionality are paramount. Spectrum Floors offers a wide range of flooring materials including Kayar, Grain or Stud which can complement any corporate setting while meeting the durability and maintenance requirements of commercial


In the sports industry, safety, performance, and longevity are key considerations. Whether it is Mondo Super X performance for track and field flooring or Mondo Powerplay for indoor sports, Spectrum Floors provides high-performance sports flooring solutions that are shock-absorbent, slip-resistant, and durable.

Public Building

Public buildings, including government offices and community centers, require flooring solutions that can handle high foot traffic while maintaining a welcoming appearance. Spectrum Floors offers a selection of flooring materials such as Spectrum Lava that strike a balance between durability and aesthetics.


Healthcare facilities demand hygienic and easy-to-clean flooring options. That is why we recommend choosing healthcare-specific flooring solutions like Nuway or Kayar 3mm Rubber flooring that are resistant to moisture, bacteria, and staining. These floors contribute to a sterile and safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

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