We’re Australia’s official supplier of Gradus Trims

Three considerations in specifying the right trims:


Gradus offers a comprehensive range of trims to match every environment. This ensures exactly the right profile can be used to match specific requirements, including ramp top, twin top, one-piece or two-piece, etc.

Other factors to consider will include carpet thickness where applicable, and whether the area is prone to spillages or wet floors.


The Gradus range offers options to suit the many environments designers will need to consider. That includes the anticipated traffic volume and the likelihood of any wheeled access to cater for disabled access, cleaning equipments, etc.

Other considerations will include the possible need of a gap for natural expansion and the cleaning and maintenance regimes that will likely be required.


Gradus offers a wide range of colours, finishes and materials. There is a solution to match any surrounding environment to either blend in or act as a highlight to define a walkway or breakout area.

The Gradus range includes options to produce curved trims which can fulfil custom diameter requirements. Many trims can be curved by hand or with the use of a bending machine.

What makes Spectrum Floors a preferred supplier of Gradus floor trims?

With over 50 years of extensive knowledge, Gradus is the world’s market leader offering the widest choice of floor trims. Spectrum Floors is committed to helping designers and installers every step of the way. This can include recommendations on product selection to meet specific  requirements or simply ensuring that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Multipurpose trims

Spectrum Floor offers a comprehensive range of Multi-Purpose Trims which offers versatility with a wide selection of sizes to suit floorcoverings ranging from LVT to wood flooring.

A reduced visible surface means these profiles are ideal for areas where a clean, subtle transition is required, allowing the trim to blend in with the surrounding environment and floor coverings.

We offer a choice of aluminium, brass or stainless steel finishes. Depending on the floor coverings to be fitted, we offer three base options:

  1. Solid base suitable for straights.
  2. Pre-punched base with tabs and fixing holes for on-site curving.
  3. Perforated base with fixing holes for straights or use with ceramics.

Cover Strips

The collection of Cover Strips offered by Spectrum Floors are designed for joining floor coverings of a similar thickness and  are typically used at door thresholds where two floor coverings meet.

Not only do these cover strips ensure a neat and safe junction, they also help to protect the exposed edges of the floor coverings.

Our range of cover strips include a choice of central or side-drilled countersunk fixing holes. Profiles are available in a selection of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and brass. The range of finishes include mill, matt or silver anodised.

Skirting and Coving

The Spectrum Floor range of skirting and cove formers ensure a neat, clean and safe solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall.

Gradus profiles are the perfect complement for any LVT or varying types of modular floor coverings such as woods, ceramics and carpet tiles.

Contact Spectrum floors to enquire about options to meet your specific needs.

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