An 8.7mm primary barrier matting system

Dirt and moisture


Noise absorbing

Saves on maintenance costs

A sustainable solution

Fire rated

Made from 100% recycled nylon

Used fishing nets are one of the main components used to make Spectrum Excellence. The fishing nets, along with other post-industrial and post-consumer waste, are ground up and reclaimed into a raw material called caprolactam. This material is then manufactured into newly regenerated nylon.

How the clean-off zone works

Walking across Spectrum Excellence creates friction which cleans shoe soles. Coarse filaments provide a brushing effect while finer filaments are effective in trapping moisture and dirt. This combination of nylon filaments ensures Spectrum Excellence is both long lasting and easy to clean.

Suitable for intensive use

Spectrum Excellence is specifically developed for transition areas between dirty and clean spaces. This includes entrances, lift areas, coffee and vending machine corners, and passages connecting production areas and office spaces. An ideal solution for education, healthcare, retail and commercial environments.

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