Entrance mats increase the life of your floor and reduce cleaning costs.

Daily pedestrian traffic will inevitably result in dirt marks and floor stains. This increases cleaning and maintenance costs and causes wear and damage which may incur costs for replacements. Pedestrian safety issues caused by wear or damaged flooring can lead to building-owner liability. This risk can be managed with appropriate entrance matting.

Watch this short video for an overview of our entrance matting solutions:

Find the right entrance matting for your project

So, which type of entrance matting is the best product for your project?

Here is a quick comparison of our top 4 matting products to help you find the right one.

Built to withstand tough treatment as well as looking stylish, our commercial entrance mats can be matched to complement surrounding decor and construction materials.

Our product warranties ranging from 5 to 20 years are a reflection of the confidence in the quality of our products.