Miroglio+Lupica has been based in Turin since its inception in 1990. The founders, Sabra Miroglio and Giorgio Lupica, are specialists in a particular branch of Architecture which has turned into a sensible topic in these days: Healthcare Interiors. The Studio works closely with NGOs and brings together different professionals, all working together to create “human hospital wards”, based on a specific sense of identity and prioritising the needs of the patients.

During the Covid19 emergency, healthcare design has become a very prominent topic. So we’re sharing an interesting interview with Sabra Miroglio of Miroglio+Lupica to talk “human hospitals” and the role rubber can play.

Sabra Miroglio talks healthcare design:

Q: What makes you go for a rubber flooring in a project? Is it an obvious choice, given the purpose of the building (for example a school, a hospital) or is it a creative decision?

A: In the case of the children hospital Isola di Margherita in Turin, where we had total freedom in terms of architectural choices, we went for rubber because, compared to similar materials, it has technical and aesthetic features more suited to our needs.

Q: Do you think that rubber, as a concept, adds value to a project? Which are, in your experience and opinion, the “winning” features of rubber as a material for floors?

A: I think rubber is perfectly attuned to the idea of “humanisation of places” that we, as a Studio, always try to achieve.

Q: Color, texture or surface value (smooth vs studded): what makes you most excited when working with a rubber flooring?

A: Undoubtedly, plain surface. That is something we always try to include in our projects. I think it is a prerequisite, especially in public spaces. It is the future.

Q: Is there a “dream project” in your desk featuring rubber floorings?

A: Yes, but I cannot tell you right now…

Certain qualities of rubber floorings, such as low emissions and LEED credits make them extremely “a la page” given the current high level of attention towards ecology and sustainable architecture. How do you see the future for rubber floorings?

A: One thing for sure, I will still be using them! (Laughs). I think sustainability is fundamental today, but as far as I am concerned, the great variety of different colours that rubber floorings provide is reason enough. I could still use more, mind you, so if you want to add new shades, I will only be too happy!